LGBTQ Foundations

LGBTQ Foundations, Level I: Terminology and Language - Begin by building a strong foundation through an exploration of inclusive language, terminology, and a breakdown of LGBTQIA+ identities. Participants will gain clarity on concepts such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and the gender spectrum.

LGBTQ Foundations, Level II: Gender Identity and Expression - A comprehensive exploration of gender diversity, fostering understanding and empathy for the spectrum of gender identities beyond the binary.

LGBTQ Foundations, Level III: Privilege, Power, and Oppression - Understand how various social identities intersect and impact LGBTQIA+ experiences. Delve into the broader social justice movement and the role of LGBTQIA+ rights within it. Examine unconscious biases and stereotypes that may hinder LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

LGBTQ Foundations, Level IV: Make NOISE - Developing strategic action plans to integrate LGBTQIA+ inclusion into leadership practices. Through interactive activities and case studies, attendees will learn how to create comprehensive organizational policies, foster a culture of open communication, and implement initiatives that champion diversity and acceptance. By equipping leaders with actionable strategies, this session empowers them to drive transformative change, elevate inclusivity as a core value, and ensure that LGBTQIA+ individuals are safe, valued, respected, and empowered within their organizations.

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Fall 2022 Teach-In: Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion in Sports

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