Vaccine Awareness & Promotion: Empowering the LGBTQIA Community

Vaccine Awareness & Promotion: Empowering the LGBTQIA Community

Date and Time

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


The Community Health Advisory Team member will host an in-person educational event on vaccine awareness and promotion for GVSU, specifically focused on empowering the LGBTQIA+ community here. You can expect to learn about the flu, covid-19, and m-pox vaccines, and we will also do some myth-busting about vaccines in general. This event will be led by Preeti Kasatkar (she/her), MPH and the Community Health Specialist at Student Health Services. CHAT is composed of university employees and a representative from Trinity Health, which operates the Campus Health Center on the Allendale Campus. The GVSU Health Hub details health centers on the Allendale and Pew Grand Rapids campuses and shares health and well-being resources for the campus community.

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[email protected] or 616-331-2530

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