Faculty Opportunities

We are currently revamping our Faculty Opportunities website. Please check back soon for more resources.

You can also refer to our Recorded Webinars & Programs webpage for a list of programs and tutorials to assist faculty with local history projects.

Contact the Kutsche Office at kutsche@gvsu.edu for questions or suggestions.

Building Intentional & Ethical Community Partnerships

This video is intended for faculty and staff at Grand Valley State University. A current GVSU Blackboard account is required to access it. 

The video focuses on what it means to build ethical and intentional relationships with community partners. These partners may include individuals, local history organizations, or other community-based organizations invested in documenting the history of their constituents. Please note that this video is designed to provide an introduction to building intentional and ethical community partnerships. Specifically, it is meant to encourage you to think critically about your project’s design. 

Please note that this video should not be viewed as being sufficient training. Rather, this video is designed to encourage reflection on what's necessary to build intentional and ethical community partnerships.  If you're interested in learning more about training or educational resources available, please contact the Kutsche Office at kutsche@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified July 6, 2021