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13th Annual Local History Roundtable: Living with History

The 13th Annual Local History Roundtable was held on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. 2022's theme, Living with History, explored the direct ways that the present informs how we talk about the past, and how we can bring history out beyond the walls of our institutions. All INT 100/201 approved.

Recordings of the program sessions are available on our YouTube channel, including:


Archives Against the Grain series

What you don't find in the archive tells you just as much as what you do find there! Archivists and historians will share approaches to historic resources that allow you to see and share a more complete record of your community's history. Learn to read between the lines of common primary sources and where you can find keys to the rest of the historical record. Explore the full playlist here, where you can hear from:

  • Leigh Rupinski: Archivist for Public Services and Community Engagement at GVSU.
  • Delia Fernández: Assistant Professor in Michigan State University's department of history. Fernández discusses her experiences with trying to locate Latina/o stories in the archives, particularly those in her hometown of Grand Rapids.
  • Christine Byron: Retired local history librarian and author on the basics of what you can expect to find in a local history archive and how to look for stories and materials that are often left out.
  • Gina Bivins: Board member of Grand Rapids Historical Society on the role museums and museum collections can play in recognizing and correcting archival gaps.


For the health and safety of our community, the Kutsche Office of Local History switched to all-online programming for the 2020-2021 academic year. This broad series of webinars included live and pre-recorded content, with a wide variety of topics and guests that all touch on West Michigan's local history.



The Kutsche Office of Local History has a slate of online tutorials to assist people with different aspects of recording, sharing, and planning projects related to local history.

Using the digitized Stories of Summer collection at Grand Valley State University's Special Collections & University Archives, these videos walk viewers through conducting research in a digital archive, analyzing sources, working with digitized oral histories, and special considerations for different kinds of archival materials. This project was supported by a National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage grant.


This five-part series of video shorts provides information into how to conduct oral histories and what considerations should be taken before beginning an oral history project.

12th Annual Local History Roundtable: Leading the Charge for Change

The 12th Annual Local History Roundtable centers around the idea of women Leading the Charge for Change. A series of three live Zoom webinars explore the way West Michigan women have collaborated to create change in their communities.


View the full playlist, including

Illustrated poster from World War II showing an army of women in work uniforms, presumably headed to fill men's jobs as men fight overseas. The text reads "For every fighter, a woman worker. Back our second line of defense. Y.W.C.A. United War Work Campaign."

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