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If you are a faculty member at GVSU and enjoy exploring the future of learning and new technologies in teaching, you are invited to join the GVSU Faculty Futures Team.

You will be part of a select group of early adopter faculty who will be among the first to accelerate and incubate ideas as well as beta test new tools for education, while providing valuable feedback as the university designs the next generation of teaching and learning environments.

To join, please complete the sign-up formand we will be in touch soon with next steps!

faculty futures team

Current Projects

Digital Inking

Discovering, evaluating, and analyzing the pedagogical affordances of digital inking for teaching and learning at GVSU. Digital inking enables annotation, handwriting, interactive whiteboarding (instead of traditional whiteboards), and pen-based input offering greater flexibility and interactivity with on screen content.

Mobile Zoom Room Interactive Displays

This project involves evaluating Zoom Room videoconferencing capabilities in a mobile format with interactivity. These mobile carts can instantly create a Zoom Room experience without the need for a permanent install, offering flexibility. Finally, the interactive touch screen provides unique whiteboard activities.

Video Capture

While GVSU offers a variety of lightboard recording studios, this project seeks to evaluate the use of eGlass as a portable and flexible option for faculty seeking to generate unique video production capabilities. Additionally, the eGlass could be used in a live classroom setting.

More to come!

Here are a few of our areas of interest:

  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Interactive Large Screen Displays
  • Advanced Hybrid Teaching and Meeting Technologies
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Extended Reality (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed) and Volumetric Video
  • ...

Connect with Us

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  • Robert Talbert
    Presidential Fellow for the Advancement of Learning, Professor of Mathematics, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Eric Kunnen
    Senior Director, Information Technology Division, Innovation and Research
  • Jacob Fortman
    Emerging Technologies Research Analyst, Information Technology Division, Innovation and Research


Additional Faculty Resources at GVSU

eLearning Technologies

  • The Information Technology Division's eLearning Technologies team offers instructional design, digital media development, and support in the use of instructional technologies, including the University's learning management system.

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