digital transformation

Through our Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy, the Information Technology (IT) Division will collaborate to enhance and extend GVSU’s academic, research, and collegiate experience through new opportunities, modern services, innovative approaches, and supporting technologies. 

"Our vision is to pioneer a grand future,
empowering the campus community to engage with
new opportunities facilitated by technology,
while establishing innovative models, modern services, and solutions
in support of the digital transformation of GVSU."

Underpinning the DX Strategy is the foundation of the IT Division's mission, vision and values.


Service Excellence & Greater University Support
Modernization of Enterprise Solutions
Accelerating Transformation through Innovation


The Information Technology (IT) Division has prepared our Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy in support of GVSU’s Reach Higher 2025 and IT's strategic initiatives. Further, the strategy was endorsed by the University Technology Council on December 21, 2021.

Throughout the planning process, key observations were gathered based on executive listening sessions, interviews, focus groups, facilitated workshops, and surveys with faculty, staff, and students. Current strengths and weaknesses were raised by key stakeholders, which gave rise to new opportunities to pursue, as well as specific strategic objectives moving forward. 

The following roadmap details innovative approaches in terms of people, processes, and technology, that will enable GVSU to differentiate itself and "reach higher" into the future.


"In the context of sweeping social, economic, technological, and demographic changes, digital transformation (Dx) is a series of deep and coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution’s operations, strategic directions, and value proposition."



pie chart with service excellence, modernization, and innovation digital priority categories

While focusing on a bright new future, the IT Division is actively working to facilitate innovation. As such, our digital priorities provide a high-level list of current projects as they relate to key strategic areas of focus.

Further, in collaboration with our campus partners, several projects have been activated within the past year, including the following highlights:

  • Mobile Credential - Evaluation has been facilitated in review of modernizing GVSU's student and staff ID card's to include mobile credential capabilities as well as enhanced access control, point of sale, and additional campus experience improvements.
  • ERP Transition - A project has begun to transition from Banner to Workday for Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll by January 2024.
  • LMS SaaS - The University's enterprise learning management system was transitioned from a self-hosted, on premise installation to a cloud-based software as a service model in May, 2022. 
  • Microsoft 365 - Email and productivity applications have been migrated to Microsoft 365.
  • Esports - A new Laker Esports Center was opened in 2022 with top-of-the-line furniture and gaming systems.
  • UCaas - Zoom and Five9 Call Center was fully implemented in 2022, as GVSU's unified communication as a service (UCaas) platform, providing meetings, phone, and call center capabilities.
  • Active Learning Classrooms - Three new pilot classrooms were established with flexible furniture and advanced technologies supporting remote learning were made available in Winter 2022, as well as three additional classrooms were installed in the Summer 2022.
  • IT Service Management - TeamDynamix was selected and implemented, providing solutions for ticketing, workflow automation, and service excellence.
  • CRM - Slate was deployed as GVSU's first customer relationship management (CRM) platform to assist with application management and student engagement.
  • Procurement - Updates where made to the technology acquisition process as well as operational enhancements to streamline technology purchases.

Learn more about several of these projects on our "Current Projects" page.

#1 - Service Excellence & Greater University Support

In our work, digital is often the default and a people-first, service excellence approach is key. Insofar as this, faculty, staff, and students, need more IT staff support and additional technology resources. Faculty have specific technology needs related to teaching and academic research. Students require support beyond the hours of a typical workday. Faculty and students rely on greater support services as well as a rapid response when in the classroom, or when live instruction is occurring.

Additionally, as the university evolves and transforms, support is of utmost importance in the design, development and delivery of courses that:  effectively implement digital resources, focus on quality course design, apply active learning in the modern context, and offer flexible delivery methods.


  • Enhance IT services and service excellence
  • Leverage GVSU's Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution, TeamDynamix (TDX) –
  • Expand IT's Project Management Office (PMO) services
  • Leverage eLearning Technologies instructional design, digital media, instructional technology support
  • Expand the on-demand self-service TDX knowledgebase
  • Implement a TDX service portfolio and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Establish enhanced, rapid service response workflows for classrooms and critical services
  • Review staffing and personnel resources, 24x7 support strategies, cross-training opportunities, scale and build capacity
  • Streamline technology acquisition and procurement


  • Execute quality assurance and continuous quality improvement
  • Research opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and chatbot enhancements 
  • Expand disaster recovery and business continuity strategies
  • Explore digital fluency, open educational resources, and mixed media/digital production opportunities

#2 - Modernization of Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise applications provide the foundation for the University's services, from delivering instruction through the classroom and online, through administrative workflows and operations. Of critical importance is ensuring GVSU's applications are modern, enhance the campus experience, and like-wise meet the functional needs and requirements of the community.


  • Continue deployment of unified communications as a service (UCaas) solutions including Zoom Phone and Five9 call center
  • Deploy Zoom Rooms and videoconferencing solutions
  • Modernize, simplify, and standardize enterprise applications: LMS (Blackboard), ERP (Banner), OnBase, productivity/collaboration digital workplace software, etc.
  • Deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA) through DUO
  • Enhance Wi-Fi connectivity and reliability
  • Support deployment of department specific applications such as Slate, Coursedog, Campuslogic, COVID testing, etc.


  • Establish an enterprise, unified portal solution to provide a seamless user experience, streamline authentication through single sign-on, cut through the clutter of communication, and consolidate access to applications 
  • Review identity and access management (IAM), cloud protection, and web application firewall (WAF) solutions focusing on campus security
  • Review cloud and hybrid cloud investments
  • Enable mobile printing
  • Advance high performance computing and high impact research capabilities

#3 - Accelerating Transformation through Innovation

Facing technology shifts and rapid change, the discovery and exploration of emerging technologies and innovative solutions that lead to digital transformation (DX) across Information Technology at GVSU is a strategic area of focus.


  • Expand customer relationship management (CRM) solution (Slate)
  • Advance and elevate GVSU’s first gaming lab (Laker Esports Center)
  • Establish the next generation classroom, advance active learning, and implement hybrid teaching, learning, and meeting spaces
  • Increase exploration of emerging technologies, extended reality (XR), Metaverse, mixed media, and digital fabrication
  • Expand and enhance data, reporting, and learning analytics resources to support student retention, success, and completion
  • Build data standards and frameworks, governance, and a centralized data warehouse/lake
  • Expand access to data for data-driven decision making 


  • Establish modern faculty, staff, student campus IDs and digital mobile credential capabilities, including cashless point of sale transactions, door access control, vending, etc.
  • Offer digital document signature solutions
  • Research mass text messaging and email communications platforms
  • Accelerate forward-thinking innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and increase proof of concept experimentation


Throughout our Digital Transformation Strategy, coupled with the Information Technology Division's IT Strategy, a vision is cast of an exciting and vibrant future. A future, whereby GVSU’s academic, research, and collegiate experience is elevated through new opportunities and innovative approaches bringing forth an institution that is ready to "Reach Higher" into 2025 and beyond.


Page last modified December 8, 2022