Technology Acquisition

The Information Technology Division handles the procurement of all computer equipment for GVSU faculty and staff with university funds. The staff works to ensure that the equipment purchased is compliant with the latest policies, guidelines, and security features to meet the technology goals of the University. Technology Acquisition has access to educational pricing through reliable vendors. Please contact Technology Acquisition with general questions.

Did you know...

In Stock!


IT keeps many technology items in stock to allow for quick delivery.  Check out the website for a list of items currently in stock. 



The NEW technology acquisition policy allows technology transactions to be placed on a Grand Valley State University purchasing card if under $500 and it does not connect to the GVSU network nor consume, transmit or store GVSU data.



If you need approval for software that is not on the IT approved list: (General Information - Software - Technology Acquisition - Grand Valley State University (

Please use this link to submit a request for software review:  Service - Software Purchase Approval (

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