FAQ during Covid-19

We've collected your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answered them for you on this page. They cover:


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For GVSU's most up-to-date COVID information, please visit the Lakers Together page. 


  • When can I apply for my visa at a US Embassy in my country?
    You will be able to apply for your visa as soon as you have received your I-20, paid the required SEVIS fee at www.fmjfee.com, AND the US Embassy in your country has opened for non-immigrant visa appointments.  Please check the US Embassy website in your country for details: www.state.gov
  • What if I cannot apply before the quarantine period of August 19-29?
    Please email Chris Hendree hendreec@gvsu.edu  for details on how to defer or apply for a future semester at GVSU. The latest you can arrive to GVSU to begin quarantine is September 7. 
  • What is the latest date I can defer my admission if I cannot obtain a visa before Fall semester begins?
    We will need final information from you on August 30, 2021
  • What tips do you have about my visa interview?
    Be prepared to show that you are academically and financially a strong candidate to enter the US.  You must be able to convince the Visa Officer that your specific degree at GVSU will make a difference in your future in your home country. We believe that finances will be heavily scrutinized during this time, because the pandemic has been devastating to families around the world


  • What is the application deadline?
    July 1 is the GVSU Housing Application Priority Deadline. We recommend applying before you know if you visa is approved so you are certain you will have a place on-campus. If you need to cancel, your housing deposit will be refunded to you.
  • How can I apply for GVSU Housing?
    Here is the link to Apply: https://www.gvsu.edu/housing/students/applying-for-on-campus-housing-38.htm
    Please make sure to apply as a Transfer student. This allows you to select the apartment options. Freshman applications are only allowed to select dorm style.
  • How do I get the login information to apply?
    Your GVSU login information was provided to you by Admissions when you were admitted to GVSU. If you cannot locate this information, please contact Chris Hendree hendreec@gvsu.edu in Admissions.


  • I didn't get my visa on time. What is the latest date I can arrive to GVSU?
    Tuesday, September 7 is the latest day new International Students can arrive to GVSU. On this date, students must be in their permanent housing in the Grand Rapids area to begin their quarantine and begin their courses fully.
  • When should I arrive to Grand Rapids [GRR] Airport?
    August 19 and August 20 are the designated arrival dates. August 20 is the latest day you can arrive to GVSU in order to complete your ten day self-isolation period before classes begin.
  • Will I be collected from the airport?
    Yes! Students that arrive to Grand Rapids [GRR] on the designated arrival dates will be collected by a transport service. Please submit your arrival information HERE so we know you need picking-up! Please note there is a $70 fee for this service.
  • Can I arrive to another city and get a ride to Allendale?
    We DO NOT recommend flying into other airports such as Detroit or Chicago then taking public transportation to Grand Rapids. This will increase the contamination rate significantly for yourself and others and often causes delays and other complications to your travels.
  • Can I arrive late?
    August 20 is the latest date you may arrive to GVSU Housing. You must have completed your 10 day self-isolation period before you arrive to GVSU to begin classes on August 30. For students who receive their visa late in August, the absolute latest date you will be able to begin quarantine and your GVSU courses is September 6th. Make sure to communicate your plans to Chris Hendree hendreec@gvsu.edu with your plans and keep in mind you should be fully registered for your courses before arriving on the 6th.  


  • How long do I need to quarantine?
    Once you arrive to the US, preferably GVSU Housing by August 20th latest, you will be required to quarantine for 10 days. This is in accordance with the recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
  • Do I need to quarantine if I am vaccinated?
    Student who have been fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization approved COVID-19 vaccine DO NOT need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. 
  • Where will I stay?
    We HIGHLY recommend that you stay in GVSU Housing for the quarantine period as well as your first year at GVSU. We are able to make your quarantine period much more convenient and are also able to be more flexible with your contract in the case that you need to return home early.  You must have a contract with GVSU housing for the year in order to be on campus during the self-isolation period.  A separate 2 week contract is not available.
  • How will I get food & other things I need?
    The International Student Services (ISS) Team is working diligently to make sure all the items you need will be provided to you at a cost. You can purchase these items by submitting the online forms in Blackboard. The Grocery List & Agreement and Apartment Supply List & Agreement lists are inside the Move-In Supplies folder. 
  • Is there a fee for apartment supplies during my quarantine?
    You will be charged $196 for the apartment supplies if you submit the agreement in Blackboard which includes bedding, kitchen equipment, and bathroom needs. These charges will be billed to your GVSU student account. Please note, apartments do not include bedding, towels, kitchen equipment, toilet paper, towels, etc. The fees for groceries varies depending on which items you choose. 
  • How many students will be in a room for the quarantine?
    Students will be alone or only with other new international students during the quarantine units in Laker Village. 
  • Can I stay with a relative in the US?
    Yes. For the quarantine period, you can stay with a relative in the US. Please keep in mind, you may need to arrive earlier than August 19 to self-isolate with a relative since you will need to make sure you are moved-in and ready for classes that begin on August 30th. To stay with a relative, you are still required to remain inside your living space and not go to stores or other businesses where you have the potential to spread COVID-19. This is in accordance with CDC recommendations: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
  • Will I be tested for COVID-19 during the quarantine?
    FREE COVID-19 tests will be offered for all new international students isolating in the Allendale and Grand Rapids areas on Tuesday, August 24th. This is required of students who must quarantine as well as students who are exempt for quarantining. 


  • Can I get tested for Covid-19 while I am at GVSU?
    Yes, GVSU hosts free COVID testing clinics on campus every week. Check your emails to sign up for a test.
  • Will new International Student be tested during Quarantine?
    Yes, new international students arriving to campus on August 19 or 20 will have Covid testing available on August 24 in Allendale and in Grand Rapids. Details will be shared during Orientation to new International Students. 


  • Is a COVID-19 Vaccine required to attend GVSU in-person?
    No, GVSU does not require any vaccinations in order to attend, including the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • As an international student, am I eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine?
    Yes! GVSU makes vaccination opportunities available to students. Please check your emails regularly!
  • How much does it cost to get a COVID-19 vaccine?
    All COVID-19 vaccinations are free in the USA for all residents and non-residents. 


  • What is undergraduate tuition?
    Tuition rates for 2021-2022 will be announced in July, 2021.  You may find last year's rates here: https://www.gvsu.edu/financialaid/tuition-fees-68.htm Students are charged by the number of credits they are taking each semester. Undergraduate International students are required by Federal Immigration Regulations to take at least 12 credits per semester.  
  • What is graduate tuition?
    Tuition rates for 2021-2022 will be announced in July, 2021. Graduate tuition rates can be found here: https://www.gvsu.edu/financialaid/tuition-fees-68.htm. Graduate rates vary by program. Graduate International students are required by Federal Immigration Regulations to take at least 9 credits per semester. 


  • What is the deadline?
    August 27, 2021, 5 p.m., Michigan time, is the payment deadline for all new F-1 and J-1 international students. New students must pay their account balance in full. Students who do not pay by this time will be dropped from all their courses and will need to re-register for their courses, if they are still available during the first week of classes. 
  • How can I pay my tuition and fees?
    GVSU accepts payment by electronic check, credit card, and Western Union. Details on how to pay your payment are found here: https://www.gvsu.edu/studentaccounts/forms-of-payment-25.htm  Please note, GVSU no longer accepts cash payments for tuition, housing, meal plans, books, or any other expenses.
  • Can I use a payment plan?
    Payment plans are not possible for your first semester at GVSU. You can use a payment plan for your second and all other semesters at GVSU.


  • Can I work at GVSU?
    Yes! US Federal Immigration Regulations allow F-1 students to work on-campus only. Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semesters and a maximum of 40 hours during breaks. You can look for on-campus jobs in Handshake
    Campus Dining is the number one employer of student workers on-campus. The International Student Services (ISS) team works with Campus Dining each year to facilitate interviews. .
  • Are GAs available and how do I apply?
    Graduate Assistantships (GA) are limited to Graduate Students only and are highly competitive. GA positions are posted here: https://www.gvsu.edu/gs/graduate-assistant-job-openings-25.htm. We also recommend that you contact your Academic Department to inquire about any upcoming GA positions. Some positions are not posted online when departments hire within their program.


  • Is health insurance required?
    It is not required, however, you should plan to purchase insurance especially during a global health crisis. If your finances are so tight that you cannot afford health insurance, it is better to attend GVSU in a future semester. Health care in the United States is incredibly expensive and there is no financial assistance available for F1 or J1 Students.
  • Where should I purchase health insurance?
    We recommend that you bring health insurance from home.  Otherwise, GVSU recommends this policy: Student Health Insurance Plan - Relation Collegiate Solutions (relationinsurance.com)  Please research health coverage as it relates to your specific health needs.
  • What coverage do you recommend?
    We recommend that you have a minimum of $50,000.00 worth of coverage.  Please note that if you contract COVID19, the actual medical cost is likely to be significantly higher for hospital treatment in the US. You may also want medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.


  • Will masks be required on-campus and in classes?
    Yes. GVSU maintains a website dedicated to COVID-19 information. The most up-to-date information can be found there: https://www.gvsu.edu/coronavirus/
  • Will social distancing be enforced on-campus?
    Yes. GVSU maintains a website dedicated to COVID-19 information. The most up-to-date information can be found there: https://www.gvsu.edu/coronavirus/