University Resources

Grand Valley provides many services to support investigators in their research endeavors from student mentorship to faculty funding and help with every phase of research planning and execution.

The CSCE is Grand Valley's division of research and home to the Vice Provost for Research Administration, Robert Smart, PhD. Support programs include:

The Community Data and Research Lab at the Johnson Center offers a wide range of services to GVSU researchers and community partners. These include access to community and state databanks along with consultation services to design effective data assessment tools.

The Graduate School administers the graduate assistantship program and Presidential Research Grant program. 

The Registrar's Office may be consulted about FERPA regulations when accessing student academic records for research purposes.

Grand Valley's Research Integrity Officer is Jeffrey Potteiger, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies. He works with the Office of Research Compliance & Integrity and the IRB on matters of compliance and misconduct. He may also be contacted directly with any concerns at [email protected] or (616) 331-7105. 

The Statistical Consulting Center provides statistical advice to faculty and students including best practices to design effective assessment tools, establish a sample size, and perform data analysis. 

University Counsel can help determine when FERPA rules apply to research with student academic records and should be consulted when using FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to obtain information that will be used for research purposes.

University Libraries is a great resource for conducting literature reviews, accessing online journal databases, and receiving personal assistance in finding source material for research. Libraries on each campus also provide individual and group work spaces to facilitate planning. Peer Research Consultants offer individual help for students by appointment.

The Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors offers assistance with research manuscript drafting and review.

Should you be included in this list? Contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity ([email protected]) to submit a request.

Page last modified March 10, 2020