Planning Your Research

Use these guidelines to help you plan your own research. 

Asking the Question

The first step in planning your research is to determine your research question: a clear, focused, concise and arguable question.

Student sitting at table with professor

Designing Your Study

Responsibly conducted research is designed with scientifically valid, ethically responsive methods.


Data Collection

Facilitate communication with participants about research procedures while respecting privacy, confidentiality and the vulnerability of certain populations. 

  • Selecting and Enrolling Participants
  • Recordings
  • Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Informed Consent Process 

Analyzing the Results

Engaging in a robust, statistically-valid analysis of research findings will respect participants and drive generalizability.

  • Plan for Analysis
  • Finding Help


The intention of covered research is dissemination of findings which must be done in accordance with the approved protocol.

  • Dissemination Practices
  • University Opportunities

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