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Nicole Henderson, '17

Nicole Henderson, '17

All of the HTM staff were fantastic, I really appreciated the effort, time, and dedication they all exuded onto students. During my senior year, Lisa Sisson and Patty Janes both inspired me to work hard and stay determined in pursuit of my goals. They were both incredible role models and showed me what passion towards a career, and life outside work, looks like.

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy with Lisa Sisson and Charles Baker-Clark in May 2016, which sparked a strong case of wanderlust. 

Three days after graduation, I took a three-week journey through Spain, Morocco, and Portugal with only a backpack and an open mind. I met incredible people while bouncing from hostel to hostel, and realized travel was something I needed in life.

During the stressful job search, I have found solace in researching new countries and have recently filled google docs with information on both Peru and Thailand, and will hopefully find a career that allows me the time to visit these countries in the near future.

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