Food and Beverage Management

Restaurant industry sales are projected to total 825 billion in 2018 and equal 10 percent of the U.S. workforce.
(NRA, 2018)

Restaurant Industry Facts at a Glance

Employment Opportunities

Director of Banquets and Catering
Director of Food Service
Director of Events
Restaurant General Manager
Food & Beverage Operations Manager
Catering Coordinator

Food & Beverage Management Faculty:

Allison Adams, Assistant Professor

Allison Adams, Assistant Professor

HTM 175 - International Food & Culture | HTM 318 - Responsible Beverage Management

Ms. Adam's Profile

Robert Robins, Affiliate Professor

Robert Robins, Senior Affiliate Professor

HTM 213 - Introduction to Food & Beverage Management | HTM 250 - Food Production & Kitchen Management | HTM 268 - Adventure Tourism | HTM 333 - Hospitality Facilities Management

Mr. Robins' Profile