Food and Beverage Management

Restaurant industry sales totaled 789 billion in 2021 with an increase of 19.7% from 2020. The industry created 1.3 million jobs in 2021. Restaurants also employ more minority manager than any other industry. (NRA, 2022)


Employment Opportunities

Director of Banquets and Catering
Director of Food Service
Director of Events
Restaurant General Manager
Food & Beverage Operations Manager
Catering Coordinator

Food & Beverage Management Faculty:

Photo of Dr. Mohammed Lefrid

Dr. Mohammed Lefrid, Assistant Professor

HTM 175 - International Food and Culture 

HTM 201 - Good Food Gone Bad: Food Safety for Everyone

HTM 213 - Introduction to Food & Beverage Management

HTM 413 - Advanced Food & Beverage Management

Dr. Lefrid's Profile

Robert Robins, Affiliate Professor

Robert Robins, Senior Affiliate Professor

HTM 175 - International Food and Culture

HTM 250 - Food Production & Kitchen Management

HTM 268 - Adventure Tourism

HTM 313 - From Farm to Fork 

Mr. Robins' Profile

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