Cannabis Operations Management

Cannabis sales totaled $97 billion in 2021. The industry employs 428,059 people as of 2021. Recreational cannabis is legal in 21 states along with Guam and Washington DC. 

Cannabis leaf in a brown wooden bowl

Employment Opportunities

Sales and Marketing


Cannabis Consultant 

Events Manager

Director of Operations 

Laboratory Manager

Production Manager

Regulatory Agency Positions

Cannabis Operations Management Faculty:

Photo of Dr. Mohammed Lefrid

John Lipford, J.D., Affiliate Professor

HTM 217 - Cannabis and Culture 

HTM 242 - Cannabis Regulations and Tourism 

HTM 317 - Responsible Cannabis Operations 

Professor Lipford's Profile

Photo of Professor Lorie Tuma

Lorie Tuma, Ed.D., Associate Professor

HTM 117 - Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality

Dr. Tuma's profile

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