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Kevin D'Alessandro, History '07

Kevin D'Alessandro, History '07

Interest Area(s)
Social Studies, History

My name is Kevin D'Alessandro and I am a 2007 alum from GVSU's History Dept.  Given the skills that I learned from the History faculty at GVSU -- such as public speaking and communication, examining historical documents and analyzing for biases, as well as enhancing my critical thinking, research, and writing abilities -- I have been able to parlay these skills into serving as an adjunct faculty and the Commitment Scholarship Coordinator at Northwestern Michigan College.  Moreover, the foundation that was laid by GVSU, and the connections forged since graduating, has not only led me to teach in Houston, TX and Orlando, FL, before my current position, but earn a Master's degree in History, as well as travel internationally for research to such destinations as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.  Anyone looking to pursue a History degree from GVSU would not be disappointed in their world-class faculty and student-centered philosophy.  

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