Social Studies Major


B.A. and B.S. Degree Requirements:

Students may earn the B.A. or B.S. degree. Students seeking the B.A. must demonstrate third-semester proficiency in a foreign language. Students seeking the B.S. complete the following courses:

EDT 370, HST 290, STA 215

Requirements for a Major in Social Studies


ECO 210, ECO 211, GPY 100, GPY 235, HST 203, HST 204, HST 205, HST 206, PLS 206, PLS 211

  • The following course must be taken before admission to the College of Education:

SST 310

  • The following course must be taken with or after Student Assisting or Student Teaching

SST 495


Students take a total of six courses (at least 18 credits) in the area of emphasis. Students may select any of the four disciplines as their area of emphasis; core courses may be included among the six required for the emphasis. In order to meet State Teacher Certification requirements for nonduplication of credits in the major and the minor, it is necessary to have 36 unduplicated credits in a group major and 18 unduplicated credits in the minor.

Requirements for each emphasis follow:


Core plus four geography courses numbered between GPY 345 and 370.


Core plus two history courses numbered between HST 301 and 391; at least one course must be in European or non-Western history (see Categories 2 and 3 in the History Major section of the catalog).

Political Science:

Core plus four courses, including:

PLS 203

PLS 304

PLS 305

PLS 221

PLS 327

Two additional PLS courses.
Note: At least two of the four courses must be at the 300-level.

Economics: (for secondary candidates only):

Core plus two economics courses and

ECO 312, ECO 313

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