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Outstanding Alumni

Jordyn Timmerman (Perialas), Social Studies '16 Spotlight

Jordyn Timmerman (Perialas), Social Studies '16

7th grade social studies teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Erica Vanderlaan, Social Studies '07 Spotlight

Erica Vanderlaan, Social Studies '07

Implementation Manager, Munetrix

Kyle Summerfield, Social Studies '14 Spotlight

Kyle Summerfield, Social Studies '14

Business owner and high school sports coach

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GVSU History Alumna Dr. Erika Edwards

Watch her talk given for the GVSU Latin American and Latina/o Studies Program and History Department, October 1, 2020

“I would not be the scholar, educator, or professional I am today without the support and challenge of the amazing faculty teaching in the history program. They have inspired my career as a disruptor of inequity and provided me with the skills necessary to be a critical educator. The coursework assisted in being able to be successful in all stages of my professional career, whether it was during my time with the Michigan Department of Education as a Higher Education Consultant, as a Director of Accreditation and Assistant Professor at Madonna University, or now as the Director of the Center for Educator Preparation and Chair of the Education Unit at the University of Michigan-Flint. In addition to my professional career, I have found the skills and knowledge learned in this program to be helpful throughout my academic career, especially as I work on completing my PhD in which I am researching the impact of whiteness on pre-service educators.”

Thomn Bell, Social Studies '04