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Outstanding Alumni

Jordyn Timmerman (Perialas), Social Studies '16 Spotlight

Jordyn Timmerman (Perialas), Social Studies '16

7th grade social studies teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Mike Burns, History '10 Spotlight

Mike Burns, History '10

Manuscript Editor, Marine Corp University Press

Robert Hansen, Social Studies '12 Spotlight

Robert Hansen, Social Studies '12

Middle school teacher, Minneapolis, MN

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GVSU History Alumna Dr. Erika Edwards

Watch her talk given for the GVSU Latin American and Latina/o Studies Program and History Department, October 1, 2020

“The skills I learned as a history major have been incredibly helpful. Being able to do deep research on a topic, analyze and synthesize your findings, come to a conclusion, and then communicate that all effectively is something I have to do on a weekly basis. It was my love for doing historical research that led me on this path, and even though I don't do too much historical research these days, the research and communication skills you learn are very applicable to other fields.”

Alice Kalinowski, History '15