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Outstanding Alumni

Darwin Harris, History '19 Spotlight

Darwin Harris, History '19

Law student, West Virgina University

Ysabela Golden, History '22 Spotlight

Ysabela Golden, History '22

Graduate Student, Rutgers University

Brad Lundvick, Social Studies '07 Spotlight

Brad Lundvick, Social Studies '07

Principal at CA Frost Environmental Science MHS and Zoo School, Grand Rapids Public Schools

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GVSU History Alumna Dr. Erika Edwards

Dr. Erika Edwards, Hiding in Plain Sight

Watch her talk given for the GVSU Latin American and Latina/o Studies Program and History Department, October 1, 2020

“I have had a career in public service that began in federal law enforcement and I am now working in higher education. Through it all, my history degree from GVSU has helped me to better understand how to connect lots of different information and stakeholders to be a more productive, capable team member. I credit the amazing faculty in our history department for helping me to always have a better sense of place.”

Ben Witt, History '02

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