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Study Abroad in Vietnam: Country, Culture, People

Vietnam - This program will run for Spring/Summer 2023.  This program examines how the intersections of historical events, ethnic diversity, geography, culture, religion, family, language, food, etc. contribute and shape the Vietnamese society and culture. Coursework will explore the causes and effects of the Vietnam War in both Vietnam and in the United States. Students will explore the culture and history of Vietnam through field trips to various sites including Ho Chi Minh City, Lao Chai-Ta villages, Golden Bridge, a dragon fire show, night markets, temples, boat rides, cooking classes, and the stunning Ha Long Bay.


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Here's whats going on with our students in Vietnam this year!

study abroad students standing outside with GVSU Global flag
street view
view of a tower with mountain background
table full of plates of Vietnamese food

Previous Study Abroad Photos

Students with GVSU flag during study abroad trip to Namibia
Students at Tropic of Capricorn during study abroad trip
Students in the desert with GVSU flag on study abroad trip to Namibia
Elephants in wild in Namibia study abroad trip
Large group of students posed on rocks during study abroad trip to Namibia
Giraffes in wild in Namibia study abroad trip
Students at a picnic table in front of water during study abroad trip to Namibia
Leopards in wild in Namibia study abroad trip
Students with local children during a study abroad trip to Namibia
Student with local child during study abroad trip in Namibia
Student posing in the desert on study abroad trip in Namibia
Students on study abroad trip in Namibia

“This trip quite literally changed my life. I am not the same person I was before and I feel like allowing myself to branch outside of my comfort zone has helped me become more confident and independent. And I also got to see tons of new wildlife so that's a plus.”  Abby F., 2015

“Coming from a small town in south-west Michigan, I didn’t think I would ever find myself on a different continent. However, in the spring of 2017 I found myself in Kruger National Park, South Africa, and my outlook on the world changed. After a month in South Africa, I can honestly say it was the time of my life and worth every second.”  Hunter C., 2017

Study Abroad in Namibia

Study Abroad in Namibia: African History, Cultures & the Environment

Namibia (2023)

The Namibia Study Abroad Program is on pause until further notice.

6-week spring/summer study abroad program 

The country of Namibia boasts a well maintained infrastructure serving a large tourism industry catering to predominantly European and German markets. But what makes Namibia attractive is its wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems, ranging from woodlands and African savanna to true deserts with the world’s tallest sand dunes. Across this diverse region, numerous ethnic groups have maintained many of their traditions and many continue to live as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago such as the Himba and the San people.

In Namibia, students can experience a sense of solitude and serenity under the vast, open expanses of its stunning landscapes where the “deafening” silence is all encompassing. This unique program gives students an insight into the fascinating diversity of Africa’s ecosystems and wildlife, cultures and complex history. Students will spend 3 weeks at the University of Namibia (UNAM) in Windhoek, after which they will go on to enjoy 2 weeks of adventure, traveling and camping across diverse ecosystems; visiting conservation sites, historic sites and wildlife conservation projects. The final week of the program will be spent at the UNAM campus.

Students will register for a total of 6 credits:

  • HST 380/AAA 333: African History, Cultures & Environment (3 credits)
  • HTM 368*: Geotourism (3 credits)

          Fulfills General Education Global Perspectives requirement 
        *Course fulfills General Education Issues requirement: Sustainability

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