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Mario Pritchard, Social Studies '06

Mario Pritchard, Social Studies '06

Interest Area(s)
Social Studies, History

I am teaching 6th grade Geography and 7th grade World History at Sabbath Middle School in River Rouge, Michigan. We know the primary purpose of Social Studies is to help our young folks make informed decisions for the public good as they become active and reflective members of our diverse society. I have enjoyed over the past 15 years helping students distinguish between fact/fiction, evidence-based statements/empty rhetoric, and exaggeration/respectable journalism. Trust in institutions (government, media, the law, etc.) has plummeted, but my degree has helped me adequately teach American government, history, and civic responsibility.

Personally, my social studies degree has helped me become even more interested in traveling the United States and the world. I have now visited 33 of the 50 states in the U.S. (also Mexico, Canada, and the island of Aruba) When I teach my students about the Manifest Destiny and the Gold Rush it makes me want to travel out west to California and see for myself some of the areas we learn in class. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and enhances your creativity and communication skills!

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