David Stark

Professor David Stark

David Stark
Professor of History
Mackinac Hall D-1-216
[email protected]
(616) 331-3174

Fields: Early Latin America, Spanish Caribbean, and Slavery

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University

As a historian of colonial Latin America, I am particularly interested in enslaved populations of the Spanish Caribbean. My work focuses on the demography and family life of slaves in eighteenth-century Puerto Rico and draws upon parish baptismal, marriage, and death registers. I am currently working on a study of death and dying in eighteenth-century Puerto Rico.

Research Interests:

  • Spanish Caribbean
  • Slave demography
  • Family history
  • Death and dying


  • HST 204 World Civilizations since 1500
  • HST 330 Early Latin America
  • HST 331 Modern Latin America
  • HST 334 The Making of the Caribbean
  • HST 372 From Slavery to Freedom
  • HST 374 Revolutions in the Americas
  • HST 375 History of Mexico
  • HST 495 Cuban Revolution
  • HST 495 History of Slavery
  • HST 495 The Caribbean in an International Context

Select Publications:
“A Professionalizing Priesthood: The Cathedral Chapter of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1650-1700.” Catholic Historical Review. 104:3 (2018): 438-474, 2018.

Slave Families and the Hato Economy in Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2015

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"Making the Most of Their Time: Seasonality of Slave Marriage in Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico." Colonial Latin American Review. 19:2 (2010): 323-349.

"A New Look at the African Slave Trade in Puerto Rico Through the Use of Parish Registers: 1660 to 1815." Slavery & Abolition. 30:4 (2009): 491-520.

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For more information, please see Professor Stark's vitae.

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