Professor David Stark

David Stark, D-1-216 MAK, (616) 331-3174, starkd@gvsu.edu

Professor of History, Coordinator for the Latin American Studies Program.

Fields: Early Latin America, Spanish Caribbean, and Slavery

Degrees: BA, MA, Ph.D., Indiana University

As a historian of colonial Latin America, I am particularly interested in enslaved populations of the Spanish Caribbean. My work focuses on the demography and family life of slaves in eighteenth-century Puerto Rico and draws upon parish baptismal, marriage, and death registers. I am currently working on a study of death and dying in eighteenth-century Puerto Rico.

Research Interests

Spanish Caribbean

Slave demography

Family history

Death and dying


HST 204 World Civilizations since 1500

HST 330 Early Latin America

HST 331 Modern Latin America

HST 334 The Making of the Caribbean

HST 372 From Slavery to Freedom

HST 374 Revolutions in the Americas

HST 375 History of Mexico

HST 495 Cuban Revolution

HST 495 History of Slavery

HST 495 The Caribbean in an International Context

Select Publications

“A Professionalizing Priesthood: The Cathedral Chapter of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1650-1700.” Catholic Historical Review. 104:3 (2018): 438-474, 2018.

Slave Families and the Hato Economy in Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2015

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