Small children run and smile and highfive in a line, grand valley students are lined up on the sides high fiving them.

Aspiring educators work with the 'most honest students' to learn about early childhood health

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a professor makes an expressive face at a group of small children. Three gvsu students stand in the background.

At left, Tess Armstrong, associate professor of health and physical education, goes over classroom expectations with kids from the Children Enrichment Center.

A small child makes a face at a card while holding a purple crayon.

Mya Pynnonen makes a face in a small mirror to reflect her emotions during an exercise talking about expressing emotion.

In a room full of blue pads, gv students and the childcare students play a game involving colorful hoops.

Tess Armstrong, center, talks with students from Grand Valley and the Children Enrichment Center as they move from one station to the next.

A black and white image of a grand valley student playing with a preschool student.

Caleb Stoll is given a stamp on his hand after completing an exercise station.

Two grand valley students and a group of preschool students lean over a white piece of poster board. There are cups of colorful coloring materials next to them.

Caleb Mascorro, left, watches young children from the Children Enrichment Center as they work on a drawing exercise.

A small child high fives a GVSU student wearing a blue shirt reading 'Grand Valley State'

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