Named and Endowed Faculty Positions

Attending a university has always been transformational. Great institutions have always been home to great thinking, exacting scholarship, and influential instruction. we intend to advance this tradition of excellence by expanding the number of endowed chairs or professorships at the university. These faculty positions are permanently funded by the returns from endowments establish for an express purpose. Currently, Grand Valley has five endowed faculty positions. They are exemplary teachers in a wide range of specialized courses, who provide leadership and counsel to students and faculty alike, and who continue to push the frontiers in their chosen fields of study.

It is our goal to add five endowed positions, doubling our current number.

By funding an endowed position, you will help to shape a Grand Valley education at its foundation: where talented young man and women teach young people who seek to understand the world and to change it. Increasing the number of endowed chairs and faculty positions fosters an academic environment that is not only richer for our students but draws prospective high-achieving students and faculty to our university and our community. This approach -- the ongoing and intentional enhancement of our programs to further impact our community -- is the very nature of what we call "the Laker Effect."