GSA 2014

Pre-Meeting Field Trip for GVSU students and alums

               Geo320 Winter 2014 Students at Lake Michigan

Geo320 Winter 2014 Students at Lake Michigan

Do you enjoy being outdoors?  Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy learning about our Earth?   If you answered yes to any of these questions perhaps you should consider a career in the geosciences.  The Department of Geology offers undergraduate B.S. degrees in Geology, Geochemistry, and Earth Science.  Our department currently serves about 75 geology & geochemistry  majors, 20 earth science majors, and provides classes for about 200 integrated science majors.  We also provide general education for about 2000 GVSU students each year. Our graduates go on to outstanding graduate schools and/or find well-paid jobs in the energy and minerals industry, engineering geology, and the environmental consulting industry.

A Hands-On, Field-Based, Earth Science Program for Inner City, Middle School Students
Children with life jackets on a boat

The Nature Education Knowledge Project  - Earth Systems

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