Geology Department Location & Facilities

The Geology Department is housed in the Seymour K. & Esther R. Padnos Hall of Science and is well equipped with mineral, rock, fossil, and map collections.

Our teaching labs are set up for collaborative, hands-on learning and are equipped with microscopes, samples, maps and a variety of tools and resources to support student learning. Teaching labs also include a Geochemistry lab and a Computer/GIS lab.

Department research labs used by faculty and students include a Geochemistry lab, Geodesy lab, Geophysics lab, Microscopy lab, and Sedimentology lab.

Equipment for preparation and analysis of geological materials (saws, laps, petrographic microscopes, X-ray diffractometer, spectroscope, etc.), geophysical investigations (ground penetrating radar, seismographs, electrical resistivity meter), a complete paleomagnetism and rock magnetic laboratory, field sampling equipment including a vibracoring system, and mapping equipment (including a laser topographic scanner and total stations) are housed in the Geology Department or are shared with other science departments (e.g., the atomic absorption spectrophotometer).

The Mary Idema Pew Library holds one of the finest collections of geological publications in west Michigan.

Campus Building Padnos Hall of Science

Seymour K. & Esther R. Padnos Hall of Science

Padnos Hall of Science

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