Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Committee (FTLCAC)

The Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Committee (FTLCAC) was set up in January 1997 to provide advice on the policies, direction, and performance of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. It serves as liaison between the campus community and the Center's director, establishes grant funding priorities, and reviews applications for teaching renewal and development grants. Among other responsibilities, the committee annually evaluates the effectiveness of the director and the center's activities.  

The Co-Chairs of the Faculty Teaching & Learning Center Advisory Committee for 2021-2022 are Leanne Kang and Andrea Riley Mukavetz.

The list of FTLCAC representatives is updated annually.

Meeting Date



September 9, 2019

09 09 19 FTLCAC Agenda

09 09 19 FTLCAC Minutes

October 14, 2019

10 14 19 FTLCAC Agenda

10 14 19 FTLCAC Minutes

December 2, 2019

12 02 19 FTLCAC Agenda

12 02 19 FTLCAC Minutes

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