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Step 1: Health Compliance

All exercise science students are required to complete health compliance requirements prior to registering and starting EXS 390 Fieldwork and EXS 490 Internship. Students will be enrolled in the Health Compliance System during their EXS 320 semester.

GVSU's Health Compliance Policy

Click the button above to review a full description of each requirement and FAQs about Health Compliance @GVSU. For questions regarding Health Compliance please contact Professor Peddie or the Health Compliance Team.

The exercise science program health compliance requirements are:

  1. Physical Examination and Immunization Form - physical exam and immunizations (Hep B, Tdap, MMR & Varicella)
  2. COVID-19 vaccines 
  3. Two-Step Tuberculosis Screening
  4. Criminal Background Check
  5. 10-Panel Drug Screen
  6. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR/First Aid (American Red Cross or American Heart)
  7. Student Authorization to Receive and Release Information Form
  8. Tuberculosis and Infection Control Training
  9. Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  10. Elder Justice Training
  11. HIPAA Training
  12. FERPA Training
  13. COVID Training
  14. Intellectual Property Training 
  15. Flu vaccination

Step 2: Locate a Site

The student is required to locate a site of their interest for their experience using the approved internship sites list or participate in a supervised research endeavor with a GVSU faculty member. Deadline to secure your the internship location are:

Fall Semester: July 15

Winter Semester: November 15

Spring/Summer Semester: March 15

It is expected that the student should begin their search for an internship no later than one semester prior to the semester in which they wish to undertake their anticipated experience. It is highly recommended that they start two semesters prior, especially for competitive or prestigious sites.

Please consult the Expectations document so you are aware of the minimum expectations for student experiences at both clinical and health fitness specific internship sites.

Pre-Approved Site List

New Site

Students wishing to propose a new internship site must complete and return applications to Professor Peddie. New site applications must be submitted no later than 14 weeks prior to the intended internship semester start date.

New Site Proposal Application Form 

Step 3: Complete Application

Once the student has secured their internship at an approved site an online application must be completed via GVSU's Internship Management System.

Internship Online Application 

IMPORTANT: Please read the Student Instruction Guide before completing the IMS application form.

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