Fieldwork Application Process

Step 1: Health Compliance

All exercise science students are required to complete the health compliance requirements prior to starting their fieldwork. You will complete this process in EXS 320. Note: you can find a site before you are health compliant and before you are registered for the course (EXS 390). 

GVSU's Health Compliance Policy and a full description of each requirement can be found online at please review the FAQs.

The exercise science program health compliance requirements are:

  1. Physical Examination and Immunization Form - physical exam and immunizations (Hep B, Tdap, MMR & Varicella)
  2. COVID-19 Vaccines 
  3. Two-Step Tuberculosis Screening
  4. Criminal Background Check
  5. 10-Panel Drug Screen
  6. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR/First Aid (American Red Cross or American Heart Association)
  7. Student Authorization to Receive and Release Information Form
  8. Tuberculosis and Infection Control Training
  9. Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  10. Elder Justice Training
  11. HIPAA Training
  12. FERPA Training
  13. COVID Training
  14. Intellectual Property Training 
  15. Flu vaccination

Contact Professor Peddie or the Health Compliance Team for more information on health compliance. 

Step 2: Locate a Site

The student is responsible for locating a fieldwork site. It is highly recommended that students start the search at least one semester prior to their planned start date. This will allow enough time to find a site that will provide a meaningful experience. The student must secure their fieldwork site be the following deadlines:

Fall Semester: July 15th

Winter Semester: November 15th 

Spring/Summer Semester: March 15th 

Pre-Approved Sites

Click the link below and highlighting a few locations of interest. Afterwards, reach out to the site supervisor about potential openings and opportunities. Before committing to a site, discuss with them your intended start date and schedule, along with roles, responsibilities, and expectations of fieldwork students. It is your responsibility to become fully informed of what the expectations are at a particular site. Be sure to do this before agreeing with the site supervisor. 

Approved sites list


New Site Request 

Students wishing to propose a new fieldwork site must complete the new site request form 14 weeks before the start of the semester they are enrolled in fieldwork. No new sites will be reviewed after the deadline. 

You will need the following information in order to complete the new site request form:

  1. Potential supervisor contact information (name, job title  email, phone number);
  2. Potential supervisor's degree(s), certification(s), and work experience;
  3. Fieldwork description: provide a plan for the fieldwork experience and a list of responsibilities. 

New Site Request Form 

Step 3: Complete Online Application

Once the student has secured their fieldwork site from the pre-approved list (verbal/email approval from the site-supervisor) they must complete the online application process. For students who are requesting a new site, complete the online application after Professor Peddie approves your new site request.

Note: the link below will take you to the GVSU internship management system which is used for both fieldwork & internships . Once logged in please select EXS 390. 

 Fieldwork Online Application

IMPORTANT: Please read the Student Instruction Guide before starting the application process.

After submitting the application, students will receive once the application has been fully approved. Below is a quick overview of the process:

Fieldwork Process > Initial approval > supervisor approval > final approval

Page last modified June 2, 2022