Health Compliance at Grand Valley State University is established to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff participating in clinical or non-clinical
experiential education or research at health-related affiliated organizations meet specified requirements. 

Infectious communicable diseases may be present in affiliated facilities and to protect everyone involved,
Health Compliance requirements are established using: 

Local, state, and federal statutory regulations 
Accreditation standards 
GVSU Health Compliance policy   

Health Compliance requirements are discipline-specific and are established in collaboration with each health-related academic program,
as well as being contractually bound by Affiliation Agreements.


COVID-19 PPE Requests

Affiliation Agreements

Affiliation Agreements are established for the purpose of experiential education or research and they represent a contractual relationship between GVSU and affiliated facilities, specifying the responsibilities and liabilities of each party.  GVSU's Health Compliance Office is responsible for executing and maintaining Affiliation Agreements for GVSU's health-related academic programs.  An Affiliation Agreement must be established prior to experiential education or research in affiliated facilities.

GVSU has Affiliation Agreements with hundreds of locations across the United States and international locations.  If students are considering an international location for experiential learning, they should contact Padnos International Center (Contact information can be found by visiting the Padnos International Center website (

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