Health Compliance Costs

Exercise Science Students and Health Compliance

Students will be responsible for the costs associated with GVSU Health Compliance which is required for Internship (EXS 490) and Fieldwork (EXS 390) experiences:

  • Health Portal account [one time fee $25] - students will gain access during EXS 320
  • Required Immunizations (e.g. Hep B, MMR, Tdap, Varicella, COVID-19, Flu)
  • Physical Exam, Blood Titers, and Tuberculosis Testing  
  • Annual TB Tests = $15/test (prices vary by clinic)
  • Background check = $35
  • Drug screening =  $45
  • Prices for all requirements of Health Compliance will vary based on personal health insurance coverage and location of services, but are estimated to cost between ($250-$550). 

Other costs in the program:

  • Required travel to and from fieldwork and internship sites (varies based on assignment) 

Page last modified February 21, 2024