Absence Information

Class Absence Notifications

Attending class is essential for academic success. The University expects students to attend all scheduled class times as outlined in the University Attendance Policy.  However, we recognize that sometimes students may need to be absent from class for an extended period of time. In these rare cases, individuals may contact the Dean of Students Office and ask to speak with a Case Manager. The Dean of Students Office provides Class Absence Notifications for students facing emergent situations and extenuating circumstances resulting in an extended absence from class.

Examples of situations in which a class absence notification may be sent out to a student’s faculty members, include:

·         Medical or mental health hospitalizations

·         Serious accidents

·         Death of close loved one 

·         Student impacted by natural disaster

Please note: Notifications are sent as a convenience for the student but do not excuse the student’s absence. It is the responsibility of the student to contact each professor upon their return regarding the professor’s policy for missed classes, assignments, etc.

To inquire about having an absentee notification sent out please contact the Dean of Students office and ask to speak with Emily First or email [email protected]

  • Non-urgent doctors’ appointments (dentist visits, annual exams, physicals, etc.)
  • Final Exams
  • Job interviews/fairs or work conflicts
  • Non-emergency medical conditions, on-going medical or mental health conditions, temporary impairment with ongoing medical concerns such as concussions or broken bones (please review resources and support offered through the Office of Disability Support Resources).
  • Vacations
  • Participation in University Sponsored Events (please work with your faculty and/or advisor directly)
  • Jury Duty (please work with your faculty and/or advisor directly)

Additional Resources

 Additional resources are available to support students through emergent or extenuating circumstances:

Emergency Crisis Resources

File a CARE referral and a Case Manager will reach out directly to help support students facing extenuating circumstances by connecting students with campus and community resources.


Page last modified July 26, 2022