Welcome to the Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office provides advocacy and support for students and families/supporters. The main office is located in the Lubbers Student Services Center on the Allendale Campus.  Faculty, staff, parents, supporters, and community members may use the CARE referral process for students of concern. 

Aaron Haight, Dean of Students

Aaron Haight, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Emily First, Assistant Dean of Students

Emily First, Assistant Dean of Students

Our Mission

The Dean of Students Office empowers learners to be intentional and engaged citizens by providing a culture of equity, self advocacy, and care through programs, resources, and support.

Louis the Laker with students
Make a Difference Day students

Our Vision

Every learner will develop meaningful connections and resiliency, be respectful in their interactions, and advocate for themselves and others.

The Dean of Students Office Values

  • Community and Connections
  • Self-Advocacy and Self-Care 
  • Equity and Inclusion                
  • Diversity of Thought and Expression
  • Respect for Self and Respect for Others
students talking in Kirkhof Center

GVSU Cares.

Student Resources

Campus Life Night students giving thumbs up
fountain and students walking
Campus Life Night student dancers
Laker Meal Share meals provided
student CARE referrals
emergency funds awarded


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The Dean of Students Office is a department of the Division of Student Affairs of Grand Valley State University.

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