Our Mission & Values


To create meaningful learning about gender and to advocate for gender justice through the education, engagement, and empowerment of students and the greater GVSU community.

The GVSU Center for Women and Gender Equity envisions a world where gender justice is a reality and all forms of oppression are eradicated. As such, we partner with students, faculty, and staff to offer the most comprehensive and progressive programs, services, and initiatives.

The Center for Women and Gender Equity defines gender justice as an ongoing process, rooted in intersectionality, to dismantle systems of oppression in all spheres.

The work of the Center for Women and Gender Equity is an outward demonstration of our values. In all aspects - our daily administrative work, our programming, our advocacy and activism - we strive to make these values visible. They serve as benchmarks for helping us constantly improve.

Diversity: We embrace the unique differences among people and the complexities of our multiple and intersecting identities.

Equality: We acknowledge that oppression and inequities exist in society and strive to make opportunities and resources genuinely available and accessible to all.

Collaboration: At the core of our work lies our relationships with the campus and broader communities.

Advocacy: We work with individuals and within institutions to give voice and remove barriers to equality.

Activism: As catalysts for social change, we empower others and engage in intentional actions designed to improve the lives of people, communities and societies.

Student-Centered: It is our priority to learn from and with students and to partner with them in their lifelong learning.

Celebratory: We practice the ritual of celebration to recognize individuals and communities as we strive to reach our collective potential.

Learning: We create and implement high impact educational practices that bridge research, theory and practice.

Mentoring: We are committed to providing developmental partnerships, both formally and informally, to enhance personal and professional growth.