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Roe v. Wade has been overturned, meaning there is no longer a constitutional right to abortion in the United States of America. However, even with restrictions abortion is still legal in Michigan.

In the wake of this decision, the Center for Women and Gender Equity stands with the GVSU community during this challenging time and offers this additional information. Our office will always be a safe space for students, staff, faculty and the community to be heard and supported. Please reach out to our Center for support should you need it during this time.

Roe versus Wade has been overturned, here's what this means for Michigan.
The 1931 law. Under this law, almost all abortions would be prohibited with the threat of a felony. There are NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest. Abortions can only be performed in regards to "preserving the life of the mother". Currently, Planned Parenthood of Michigan and Dr. Sarah Wallett, have filed a lawsuit to stop the enforcement of the law and in May, the Michigan Court of Claims granted a preliminary injunction. Meaning the law will not go into effect until a decision on the lawsuit is made. In the meantime, Right to Life of Michigan, the Michigan Catholic Conference, and two county prosecutors have asked the appeals court to throw out the injunction. Republican leaders in the state legislature have also filed a brief saying they would defend the law in court since current Attorney General Dana Nessel has refused to.
As of now, Michigan is one of several states that has restricted abortion access for those within the United States.
What this means for coverage:  Insurance offered on the state health care exchange that was established under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) restricts coverage of abortion. State Medicaid funding of abortion services is prohibited outside of narrow exceptions, such as in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest. Private insurance coverage of abortion is restricted or prohibited.
What this means for minors:  Parental consent means that a parent or parents must give permission (usually written) to the minor to have an abortion. A judicial bypass is available for minors who can't tell their parent(s) about their decision to have an abortion. They can file a petition to excuse them from required parental consent and/or notification requirements.
What this means for choice: A patient must wait 24 hours between receiving state-mandated abortion counseling and obtaining an abortion.


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Page last modified August 9, 2022