John H. Logie Fellowship

John H. Logie Fellow Program

Administered by the Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement (CUSE), the John H. Logie Fellows Program, named for the long-standing former mayor of Grand Rapids, offers students at Grand Valley State University an exceptional opportunity to experience and contribute to the operations of the City of Grand Rapids.

The complex arena of city government offers an opportunity for students to explore, understand, and engage in the work of local government.  The primary points of contact for Logie Fellows are the Senior Executive Staff of the City of Grand Rapids, including the City Manager, the Deputy and Assistant Managers, and their staff. 

Logie Fellows work in individual consultation with representatives from the City of Grand Rapids to tailor the fellowship experience to their skills and areas of interest. Key topic areas for the City in 2023-24 include housing and homelessness, sustainability and climate change mitigation, community master planning, community engagement, public safety, and infrastructure project planning. The selected Logie Fellow may choose to focus on one or more of these areas during their fellowship, or on other areas in consultation with City representatives.

John Logie

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About the Award

The award provides students with a paid fellowship of $2,500 and up to 3 credits of internship, practicum, independent study, or independent research tuition-free.  Additional courses related to the fellow’s program may be approved upon special request. Fellows are expected to commit a minimum of 150 hours over the period of the semester. The fellows’ experience will culminate in a final product or project as determined by the Senior Executive Staff of the City of Grand Rapids.


The fellowship is available to undergraduate students at GVSU who have not completed the requirements for graduation. Successful applicants generally have a 3.0 GPA or higher in their major and have a demonstrated interest in the role, function, and impact of local municipalities.

This fellowship is designed for undergraduate students of junior or senior status who would benefit from an in-depth understanding of specific aspects of city governance. All majors are encouraged to apply. The Fellows will receive tuition-free course credit related to the experience for up to three hours, as appropriate student's academic program.

Preference will be given to students who demonstrate an interest in applying intersectional disciplinary lenses to explore systemic inequities in the local community and aspire to discover collaborative, innovative solutions that can be realized at the local level.


 Year 1, Application period
July - November 2023
Tentative Timeline for WI 2024 Fellows only

  • July 28, 2023: Application opens and is available for submissions
  • October 13:  Application closes and is available for review
  • October 16-25:  Review period
  • October 27:  Finalists notified
  • November 6-10: Finalists interviewed
  • November 17:  Awardee notified



Fellowships Office Support

The Fellowships Office provides support to all GVSU applicants for all competitive external fellowships, including the Logie. We’re here to help! Reach out any time!

Support includes:

  • brainstorming about the content of personal statements, project statements and short essay responses (which is what the Logie requires),
  • helping to inventory an applicant’s relevant experiences, knowledge and skills,
  • assisting with feedback on outlines and drafts, and
  • encouraging applicants throughout the reflection and revision process.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions and/or to set up a zoom meeting.

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