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What do I get as a SMART Scholar/Researcher?

As part of the your degree, you are required to do research for your Capstone project, but the pace and volume of work you're doing in your classes doesn't always allow you to engage in deep research. The process of serious investigation into a focused topic takes time, sometimes official paperwork, and, of course a lot of support along the way. 

The SMART Lab is here to provide that support. Some of the "extras" you'll get as a SMART Lab scholar are designed to guide you through a deep research project and give you the information and structure you need. They include:

  • A faculty mentor with research experience in your area of study
  • Instruction and guidance in applying for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, necessary for empirical research
  • Advising
  • Assistance in identifying potential collaborators
  • Clear direction in all steps of the research process: Where to begin, how to proceed, what to do
  • Workshops on various topics
    • Library research
    • Research ethics
    • Talking about your research IRL: What does this do for my career?


Introduction to the SMART Lab

Introduction to the SMART Lab

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How Do I Become a SMART Lab Scholar?

As part of your coursework, you'll have the opportunity to engage in readings and conversations focusing on the big issues in higher education, such as inclusion & equity on campus, food insecurity, adult and non-traditional learners, belonging, or the value of a liberal education. In INT 100, you'll identify a researchable issue or question, and, through subsequent courses, connect with a faculty mentor to delve deeper into that question to build a research project. 

Getting started is easy; all you need to do is talk to your professor or contact Max Counter at [email protected] and express your interest in joining a SMART Lab research cohort. 

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