LGBT Triangle

The college years are a time when many students begin to sort out their values and figure out who they are. It is not unusual for students to question their sexual orientation or gender identity and to explore how to integrate these with the rest of their life.

Our Office Can Help With:

  • Confusion about your sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Exploring the coming out process in regards to peers, professors, family or friends.
  • LGBT students of color who are experiencing multiple forms of oppression.
  • Exploring how your religious identity connects with being LGBT.
  • Students experiencing tension and/or harassment due to someone's reaction to your sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Students who have LGBT parent(s) and are concerned about developing relationships with people who will be open and accepting of your family's diversity.
  • Being completely comfortable with your orientation and expecting a counselor who is equally comfortable.\

Check out our toolkit below for on campus & online resources and advocacy tools.

Call us at (616) 331-3266 or stop into 204 STU for more info.

Resource Toolkit


GVSU's LGBT Resource Center
A great on-campus resource and source of community for LGBT students and their allies.

The LGBT Community Network
Located in Grand Rapids, this community center offers groups, events, activities and an overall safe space (feel free to inquire about volunteering as well!).

The Red Project
Located in Grand Rapids, it offers free HIV/AIDS tests & support groups, and free safe sex supplies.


The Advocate
LGBT News & Opinion.

A news outlet working to correct media stereotypes & report the truth for the LGBT community.

Parents & friends of the LGBT community.


The Human Rights Campaign
A national advocacy organization playing key roles in changing laws to provide equality for the LGBT community.

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
A national task force advocating for a variety of LGBT issues.

Equality Michigan
A state advocacy organization changing local laws to improve the life of LGBT residents.


More On Campus Support

LGBT Resource Center
(616) 331-2530

Allies and Advocates
(616) 331-2495

Page last modified November 29, 2017