Group Counseling

Group counseling is a form of therapy where 5-10 group members share personal struggles together with group leaders. Group can be the best treatment choice for students to address life challenges and/or mental health concerns.

Most issues take place in social environments, such as among families or in schools, workplaces, clubs, and organizations. We interact and develop in this social setting, therefore most of our mental health concerns can be best dealt with in a social situation like group counseling. Group counseling is a safe and supportive environment to share your concerns, learn from one another, experiment with new behaviors, and better understand your issues.

Interested in joining group counseling?

 Drop-in our office at 206 STU or call (616) 331-3266 to get started with group. 

Groups Offered at the University Counseling Center

This group is for individuals who grew up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional environment and as a result may feel different than others. If you have trouble managing your feelings; have difficulty with relationships or meeting your own needs, this group may be for you. Topics will address learning healthy coping and healing. 

This confidential support/discussion group is open to African American students who want the opportunity to dialogue about their experiences and their personal/professional goals.  This group aims to create a community in which students feel empowered to explore and address life challenges.  If you are interested in being part of this group, call the counseling center to schedule a 30-minute consultation with the group leader.  The consultation is an opportunity to explore your interests, concerns, and answer any questions you may have about the group.

This group offers the opportunity to use art to express and process your feelings and experiences.  Each week will consist of a prompt to begin the art-making process; the group is not about the artistic value of the end product but the process of translating inner experiences into visual art.  Although no prior artistic background or skill is needed, students should be willing to take risks expressing themselves artistically.  Art materials will be provided, and students may choose to keep their art or leave it at the center.

*Offered in Spring/Summer Semester

This group will help students understand and improve the relationship between their minds, bodies, and emotions in a supportive environment. Topics discussed will include understanding body image, healthy and unhealthy eating, the relationship between stress and eating, and coping with body image concerns in a healthy way.

This group is for survivors of sexual trauma who want to come together to feel supported, validated, and empowered.  During the healing process, many people find that they experience shock, confusion, denial, fear, and anger.  In this group you will be able to explore these feelings in a safe, supportive environment.  Topics discussed will include coping skills, emotions, social support, and societal messages about sexual trauma.  Sharing personal experiences is not required and is subject to the comfort level of each group member.  Prior to starting group, students will be scheduled for a brief individual consultation with a group leader to explore goals and answer any questions.

This is a supportive and non-judgmental group for students who would like to explore their alcohol or other drug use.  Students attending this group may range from those actively in recovery to those exploring whether or not they have a problem.  The group is tailored to the individual needs of the students and may include education regarding medical aspects of mood-altering substance use, how to develop sober supports, relationships in recovery, strategies for coping with life stressors without the use of substances, etc….

This group introduces specific techniques for mindfully paying attention to emotions, improving interpersonal interactions, guiding one’s own emotional experience, and tolerating distress and unpleasant emotions with healthy coping skills. Each week you will practice new ways of thinking about and managing emotions. This group utilizes strategies from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Our general therapy group is not topic-based and open to a variety of students with diverse concerns. This type of group can be a good fit if you are interested in experimenting with new thoughts, behaviors, and social skills. Group members share common concerns as well as individual issues.

This support group is for those who would like to explore their experiences with the death of a loved one or significant other. This group allows exploration of thoughts, feelings, and reactions to grief in a safe environment. Sharing personal experiences is not required and is subject to the comfort level of each group member. It is strongly encouraged that group members feel open to others’ experiences and the discussions of grief in this group. This group will meet for six (6) weeks during the semester and group members are strongly encouraged to commit to attending each week.

Each week you will discuss new and previously learned skills, explore experiences and progress, and practice new ways of thinking about different types of relationships. We will explore skills in boundary setting, assertiveness, effective communication, recognizing a healthy relationship, and other topics.

This experience-based group helps you learn skills to manage your anxiety, depression, and stress. One of the highlights of this group is the emphasis on learning breathing and relaxation skills that are found to be helpful in improving overall mentality as well as physical health. Another highlight of our group is the emphasis on addressing problematic thinking that interferes with personal and academic performances. This group also explores various skills and information that may help you manage your distress.

Each week, this group will focus on a new topic which may assist students to develop skills which improve their overall functioning. Groups will focus on skill development in areas of stress and time management, understanding and practicing mindfulness, understanding how behaviors and habits impact how one feels, and personal empowerment in healthy relationships.  

  • Week 1: Mind-Body Connection
  • Week 2: Stress Management
  • Week 3: Mindfulness
  • Week 4: Personal Empowerment and Healthy Relationships

*Offered Spring/Summer Semester

This confidential group is a place for college men to come together and share their experiences while exploring how they define and personally identify with healthy masculinity. Meetings will be used for creating connections, discussing general/personal men’s issues topics, and offering support as we share about ourselves.

This confidential group is open to registered GVSU students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer or who may be questioning their sexual identity. This group aims to be a normalizing experience for each member. We explore many factors that may be affecting our identity such as: stereotypes, family, religion, meeting others, and many more. The focus of the group really depends on the needs of the group. This is not a “coming out” group, but there may be members who are in this process. There also may be members who have been “out” for years, but would like this opportunity to explore and share experiences/challenges with others sharing a similar identity. Overall, this group will help students figure out “where they fit in.” If interested, contact our office to schedule a short meeting so we can see if the group is a match for you.* A commitment to attend each weekly meeting for the semester is required.  

This group will help you develop strategies to manage your depression. We will provide assessments each week which will explore the unique aspects contributing to each group member’s distress. We will also explore mind-body types, as well as incorporate lifestyle changes to help maintain a healthy balance. 

This group focuses on decreasing self-criticism, creating authenticity in relationships, and improving self-compassion. If you feel like you are never good enough and you spend a lot of time and energy pleasing others at the cost of yourself, this group’s aim is to help you be more self-accepting. You will learn how to utilize mindfulness techniques and critical thinking to build awareness and enhance compassion towards others and yourself.

This 8-week group is focused on building and practicing skills to better manage social anxiety and improve interpersonal effectiveness. The skills taught each week will build on the previous week, so a commitment to attend at least 7 sessions is necessary.

This group is designed to help students develop coping skills and strategies to manage stress.  Topics may include:  identifying and processing current stressors, relaxation techniques that really work, adaptive coping strategies, and time management skills.   

This group is a place where students who identify as women can come to conquer feeling like an “impostor.” If you feel like your successes are mistakes or just luck and have noticed that you hold yourself back, this group’s aim is to help you learn skills so you can recognize and overcome feelings of self-doubt. In order to build awareness and silence your inner self-critic, you will be encouraged to reflect on and examine the impact of societal and personal influences.

Drop-in Meetings Offered

Drop-in group for first-year students, led by staff from both the University Counseling Center and the Career Center

  • Learn about coping skills
  • Learn about career resources
  • Gain support from other-first year students
  • Finish the year strong

*This group is on a drop-in basis, you are welcome to attend one group or as many as you would like. 

First Year Success

This is a one-hour educational workshop provides information on how alcohol or an otherwise dysfunctional environment may have impacted the family system.  Common characteristics of ACOA’s, solutions for letting go and moving on, and resources will also be discussed.

*This group is on a drop-in basis

Need a chance to take a “BREATH”? The counseling center is offering space to do just that. Open to anyone and no prior registration needed, just drop-in for our relaxation group to take a moment from your busy day, relax, and catch your breath for 30-40 minutes.