Gender Affirmation Services

The University Counseling Center strives to be an affirming space in which all identities are celebrated and students feel empowered to be their authentic selves. The UCC is available to support transgender and gender diverse students in their gender, mental health, and overall wellness journeys.

Our clinicians are available for consultation, to complete a comprehensive assessment, and to provide letters for gender affirming hormone therapy and/or surgery in line with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care and best practices. While it is not necessary to participate in mental health counseling to receive a letter, students are welcome to use these services.

Providers NOT Requiring Letters for Hormone Replacement Therapy

As practices evolve, some providers are no longer requiring letters for gender affirming medical care under the informed consent model.  One letter from a health care provider, however, may be required by some practitioners for gender affirming hormone therapy.  One or more may be required for gender affirming surgery.  This can depend on a number of factors, including medical provider and insurance company policy.  Students should speak with their health care team and insurance company regarding this.



If you know that you are interested in being assessed for a letter for gender affirming care, you may choose to let the front desk staff know so that you can be placed directly with a member of the staff that specializes in gender affirmation services. You are welcome, however, to share this at any point in your journey with the University Counseling Center.

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Students generally meet with a counselor two or more times to:

Explore their personal gender journey

Assess their wellness history

Identify available skills, supports, and resources to assist them throughout the process

Explore the associated risks and benefits of gender affirming services

Review their eligibility and/or letter

Community Medical Providers

Clinical staff in the University Counseling Center are not trained medical professionals and do not provide medical advice or care. The University Counseling Center does not recommend any particular medical professional or course of treatment, but has included a list of providers below for your reference.


Page last modified March 18, 2024