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If you are thinking about counseling, contact us. You may reach the University Counseling Center staff during business hours at (616) 331-3266. You may also stop by our office on the Allendale Campus (206 STU)  to schedule an appointment.

First-time Appointments

Your first contact with us will be to schedule an initial screening appointment. 

What's an Initial Screening Appointment?

These appointments are typically scheduled within two business days. During this short initial screening appointment, the counselor will gather additional information from you, get a clearer picture of your needs, and begin to plan with you the most appropriate course of action. At times, this could involve a referral to group therapy, individual therapy, or a community provider who may better serve your needs.

Please note, the counselor who you have for your initial screening appointment may not be the same counselor you have in counseling. However, once you begin the counseling process you will continue to see the same person. 

Feeling anxious about what to expect?

Scheduling your first appointment can feel intimidating! We've got you covered. Use this example conversation with our front desk staff to help you navigate your first call with the University Counseling Center.

UCC Staff Member: "University Counseling Center, how can I help you?"

Student: "I would like to schedule an initial screening appointment, please."

UCC Staff Member: "I can help you with that! Do you have your G-Number available? If not, no problem. I can still add you to our schedule."

Student: "Yes! It's (G-number)."

UCC Staff Member: "Great! Our screening appointments will take up about an hour of your time altogether and we schedule these appointments within 2 business days of contact. Are you available today or tomorrow?"

Student: "I am. Could I come in today at (time preferred)?"

UCC Staff Member: "I can schedule you at that time. Would you prefer to be seen virtually or in person? We do have two locations you can choose from, either in Allendale in Student Services, or Downtown on the Pew campus."

Student: "(Preferred location) sounds good."

UCC Staff Member: "Great, we'll see you at (preferred location) at (preferred time)."

Student: "Thanks!"

Follow-Up Appointments

If you have already completed an initial screening appointment and have been referred to individual counseling, we will assist you in scheduling your next appointment in person at 206 STU or by phone at (616) 331-3266. While you have already met a counselor during your initial screening appointment, you may not be set up with the same counselor for your follow-up appointment. However, once you schedule this appointment and meet the counselor, you will continue to see the same person. 

Group Counseling Appointments

If you are interested in attending group counseling sessions, please contact our office to sign up for a group. If you have not been to the University Counseling Center before, you will be asked to complete an initial screening appointment prior to beginning group counseling.

Psychiatric Appointments

Psychiatric appointments can be made by referral only. Please discuss your interest in medication with your individual counselor during your next session. If it is a part of their treatment plan, they may refer you for a first-time psychiatric appointment. **Our policy is that you must be in ongoing individual therapy in our office to be referred to our psychiatric providers. If you do not want to partake in ongoing therapy, our office can help you find a community provider that better fits your needs.

If you have already met with one of our psychiatric providers, you may contact our office at (616) 331-3266 to set up a follow-up medication management appointment. 

Returning to the University Counseling Center?

Returning from summer or last semester?

Have you been seen in our office before - whether it be last semester, last year, or longer? If yes, you may contact our office to set-up an appointment at (616) 331-3266. Our front desk will assist you in setting up a returning appointment with your counselor. We know a lot can change in short periods of time, so depending on the length of time since we have seen you last, you may be asked to complete an initial screening appointment. 

Returning from a medical leave of absence?

If you have worked with the staff at the GVSU Counseling Center to take a medical leave of absence from school, please have your most recent mental health care provider complete Community Provider Report Form prior to your return to GVSU.

New to GVSU?

Our services are offered free of cost to currently enrolled GVSU students. New students are able to schedule initial screening appointments once they begin actively taking classes. Brief consultations with our clinicians are available to students and their supporters to receive general information about our services and scope of practice at any time.

Page last modified March 11, 2024