Frequently Asked Questions

College years are an exciting time, but sometimes they can be stressful and confusing. As a student, you may encounter problems that are not easily solved. Personal counseling is a way of talking about what is on your mind with someone who can help you to adopt new skills and ways of looking at situations.

Individual Counseling   Group Counseling

Counseling services are made available to any currently enrolled Grand Valley State University student. Services come at no additional cost, are voluntary, and confidential.

Individual appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes, group therapy lasts anywhere from 50 to 80 minutes.

The University Counseling Center's scope of practice is short-term. Individual session limits are required to avoid long wait times for students and will be discussed between you and your counselor. Group counseling is unlimited and offers a long-term treatment option. 

If you feel you may need longer-term or more frequent care, our staff will help refer you to a mental health provider in the surrounding area. You may also use Thriving Campus to locate a community provider who may better suit your needs. 

Yes, all UCC staff are committed to the confidentiality of clients, within the law. It is the policy of the UCC not to release any information regarding your use of our services or personal matters discussed with your counselor without signed consent from you. This includes appointments and attendance information.

The GVSU University Counseling Center is accredited by IACS. All of our counselors are qualified, licensed professionals. Any doctoral or social work intern practices under the supervision of one of our licensed counselors. Additionally, our counselors are competent and caring individuals who can help students achieve more satisfying, educational and life experiences.

Meet Our Staff

First-year students cannot schedule appointments before classes start, but may contact our office to set up a brief consultation with a counselor to receive general information about our services. 

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