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For Parents & Loved Ones

College can be a positive and exciting time for students, however, with many new experiences and a host of responsibilities it can become overwhelming. Parents and loved ones may look to the Counseling Center to assist their student with difficulties. Below is a list of our services and answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns:

Can you provide me with info relating to my student?
Due to legal and ethical requirements our staff cannot give out any client information without a signed release of information form. Counselors will listen to your concerns and answer questions about the Center's general procedures. We ask that parents and loved ones speak with your student to obtain a release of information before requesting info from our staff. Click here to view our confidentiality policy.

Is there a session limit or cost?
Individual session limits are required to avoid long wait-times for students and will be discussed between counselor and student. Group counseling is unlimited and offers a long-term treatment option. We serve current students only and there is no cost for our counseling services.

Are the counselors licensed?
All of our full time staff members are licensed. We employ doctoral interns and social work interns that are supervised by a fully licensed clinician. If you would like to learn more about our staff, Click Here.

Can you require my student to attend counseling?
Services at our center are completely voluntary. Staff cannot require students to attend involuntary counseling sessions. If you are concerned for your student's safety there are options listed under our Emergency Services webpage.

What services do you offer?
Our services to current students include individual and group counseling as well as seminars, emergency consultation, alcohol/substance counseling, crisis response, post-hospitalization services and mental health/medical withdrawal from classes. Please click on the links below to learn more about our services.