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Post-Hospitalization & Withdrawal Assistance

Aftercare (Post-Hospitalization)
Students who have received inpatient mental health treatment or intense outpatient services often benefit from working with the University Counseling Centers Coordinator of Case Management. With a signed release of information, the Coordinator of Case Management can act as a liaison between a student and GVSU to assist in the transition back to campus or to take appropriate time off from school.

Case workers or treatment providers are asked to speak with Nicole Marganti, the Coordinator of Case Management, prior to a students discharge from a treatment program, in order to efficiently coordinate services with GVSU and community partners. Please note that no information can be shared with treatment providers, parents, professors, etc. without signed permission from the student.

Please contact the University Counseling Center at (616)331-3266 with questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health/Medical Withdrawal Assistance
In an instance when a students mental health or treatment has greatly impacted his/her ability to succeed academically, the Counseling Center can provide information and assistance in withdrawing from the current semester. Please contact the Coordinator of Case Management at the Counseling Center, Nicole Marganti, for additional information at (616) 331-3266.