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The CLAS Academic Advising Center will not be offering the committee letter service for the upcoming 2024-2024 application cycle (starting May 2024 for Fall 2025 admission). For more details, please refer to the November 2023 Memorandum on the Status of Committee Letters.

We will be offering a Letter Packet service instead for medical and dental applicants in the upcoming cycle - read below for more details!

Please reach out to us with any inquiries you may have at [email protected], or GVSU current and former students can schedule an appointment with a preprofessional advisor in Navigate

Letter Packet Application


Letter Packet Application


To request a Letter Packet, students must complete the application found at the link above; the Letter Packet application will close on July 31, 2024. 

  • The Letter Packet application will require you to complete a Self-Assessment and meet with a premed advisor to review it. 
    1. To schedule your Self-Assessment meeting, click here to schedule with Dr. Deb Burg, or schedule through Navigate with another preprofessional advisor. 
    2. After the meeting, you will be sent a PDF of the application which you will need to upload to the Letter Packet application. 


Five reasons to request a letter packet

2024 Application Workshop

Application Process Guides and Experience Trackers

Letter Packet and Application FAQs

A letter packet includes an applicant’s letters of evaluation, along with a cover sheet that includes important facts about GVSU. It does not provide a committee evaluation (like the committee letter did when it was offered). However, letters will be attached to the cover sheet in order of strength, and staff will ensure they are in the proper format (i.e. on letterhead with a signature) before submitting the letter packet to the medical or dental school application.

For applicants applying through AMCAS:

  1. Go to the Letters of Evaluation section in AMCAS and add an evaluation.
  2. Enter Letter Packet for the Letter Title and select GVSU.
  3. For Primary Contact/Author, use Julie Mattox’s information (see below).
  4. Hit Save, then select "Yes" to generate your Letter Request Form.
  5. Save the AMCAS Letter Request Form, and upload it to the GVSU Letter Packet Application.


For applicants applying through AACOMAS or AADSAS:

  1. Go to the Supporting Information section in AACOMAS/AADSAS and add click on Evaluations.
  2. Select Create Evaluation Request, and choose "Yes" next to "Are you requesting a committee evaluation" - note that letter packets are classified under a committee evaluation in AACOMAS/AADSAS.
  3. For Primary Contact/Author, use Julie Mattox’s information (see below).
  4. For Due Date – select any date you’d like (it won’t affect the application, it’s only a suggested date for us to submit the letter packet).
  5. Personal Message to your Evaluator: indicate you are requesting a letter packet.
  6. Waive your rights, and indicate permissions, then Save This Evaluation Request. An email will be sent to Julie Mattox with your evaluation request, so no further action is required.


Primary Contact/Author:
Ms. Julie Mattox
Assistant Director
CLAS Academic Advising Center, Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Dr.
Allendale, MI 49401
[email protected]

Current GVSU students and recent alumni are eligible for a letter packet. Students who have completed post-baccalaureate or graduate work at another institution are no longer eligible for a GVSU letter packet; however, letters from previous letter packets can be requested from the advising office in certain circumstances. Email [email protected] with questions.

  1. Complete a waiver (waiving your rights to view your letters of evaluation is recommended as it is preferred by medical schools)
  2. Upload your Self-Assessment PDF after meeting with an advisor (see above for more details; your advisor will send you the PDF after your meeting with them)
  3. Request a minimum of three STRONG letters of evaluation

-All letters of evaluation must be received in order for your letter packet to be initiated/completed. 

  1. Complete a questionnaire 
  2. Upload a photo/headshot of yourself (optional) This photo does NOT get shared with any professional school
  3. Upload the PDF of your AMCAS Letter Request Form (if applying through AMCAS)

GVSU has discontinued the committee letter service indefinitely. For more information, please refer to the  November 2023 Memorandum on the Status of Committee Letters

Refer to the medical/dental schools you are applying to for specific requirements of number and type of letters. You should ask people who know you well.  It’s recommended to ask 3 faculty who have taught you in class (two science, one non-science) and one practicing clinician (preferably one who has observed you in a clinical setting).  Note: Dental students should try to obtain a letter from a D.D.S. or D.M.D.

No, we are unable to split up the letter packet. The GVSU Letter Packet will include all letters submitted to the Letter Packet Application, we are unable to split letters between schools. This is not typically an issue at the professional schools as they will review letters from the letter packet that meet their requirements.

No, you can submit the primary application before your letter packet is done/submitted. Letters are part of the secondary application process; however, it is ideal to complete the letter packet application EARLY so you can ensure the letter packet is submitted in a timely manner.

  • Transcripts must be sent from EACH school you have attended to AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS. The first step is to enter each school in the "Colleges Attended" section of the professional school application. You can order your official GVSU transcripts through Banner, following these steps (note that these are steps for ordering GVSU transcripts; if you have attended other institutions, those must be requested through that institution): 
    • Go to Student, then Student Records. The fastest option is to "Order Official Electronic Transcript" - clicking this link will direct you to Parchment to order your transcripts sent electronically
    • Within the Parchment website, you can type in AMCAS or AACOMAS or AADSAS, etc. into the search titled "Where would you like to send the credential?", then click on the application service
      •  For AACOMAS, AADSAS, VMCAS, PharmCAS, OptomCAS: "Please enter SCHOOL'S UNIQUE TRANSCRIPT barcode ID" - this is found by going into your AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc. application, clicking on Colleges Attended, and clicking on "Order" under GVSU. 
      • AMCAS applicants should enter their AAMC ID and Transcript ID found on the AMCAS Transcript Request form generated in AMCAS
  • While e-transcripts are recommended you may also request a mailed transcript through Banner. If you opt to do this, then you must send the transcript request form from AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS to [email protected] so that it can accompany your transcript when it is sent.
  • You can order your transcripts as soon as applications open; be sure to do this EARLY - it should be one of the first things you do after starting to work on the application to ensure there are not delays in your application processing. 

Page last modified June 5, 2024