Ready to Apply!

View this video presentation to learn more about the timeline, letters of evaluation, committee letters, selecting schools, and more! 

Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint slides.

Application/Committee Letter Process:  A step by step guide for once you've started the process

Student Information Sheet:  As we prepare to write your Committee Letter, this informational sheet provides additional information for us to more completely represent you to the professional school admissions committee. When this document is complete you upload it to veCollect (see instructions under veCollect). 

veCollect Instructions:  veCollect is a virtual "filing cabinet" used to store your letters of evaluation, copies of your application and your student information sheet.  Go to to create your account. Make sure to upload a copy of your completed Student Information Sheet and completed professional school application to veCollect.

Payments: All students must pay a fee of $5 for veCollect account activation. Also, students applying through AMCAS (MD applicants) must pay a $10 letter posting fee.

Waiver Forms:  The Waiver Forms are used to open up your application file in the CLAS Academic Advising Center. They give us permission to anonymously use portions of your application as examples to future students. We recommend you complete the forms, print them off, and bring them to the CLAS Academic Advising Center (C-1-140 Mackinac Hall).

Writing Your Personal Statement:  Information to get you started on your personal statement.  It is also recommended that you visit the Writing Center (120 Lake Ontario Hall) for additional help with this.

Page last modified September 25, 2018