Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Getting Started

Please anticipate your advising needs and make appointments early. Advisors schedules fill up quickly, especially during peak times such as registration.

Expect advisors to give you referrals. While we are experts in advising, we are not experts in all matters related to GVSU. We’ve worked hard to build networks across campus to appropriate refer you for additional support services.

Feel free to discuss academic and non-academic issues relevant to your education with your advisor. Be willing to identify and discuss your difficulties and come up with ideas for addressing them. The more we know about you, the better able we are to determine appropriate academic goals.

Be prepared and come with written questions.

Research Degree & Course Requirements

Review General Education Requirements

View the Schedule of Classes

• If you wish to discuss scheduling, create a tentative schedule for yourself and bring it to the advising appointment

Student's Role

Give thoughtful consideration to your academic and career goals.

Take initiative to contact your advisor(s) and/or an advising center.

Actively participate in the advising session.

Ask questions if you do not understand a policy or procedure,

Know the Academic Calendar. Do not miss deadlines. Know when to register and drop or add courses.

Schedule courses that are consistent with your educational goals and that will meet degree requirements.

Accept responsibility for making final decisions on academic choices.

Advisor's Role

Development of suitable educational plans including the selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences

Enhancement of student awareness about educational resources available (e.g., internship, study abroad, honors and learning assistance programs)

Referral to and use of GVSU and community support services

Clarification of career and life goals

Evaluation of student progress toward established goals

Interpretation of GVSU requirements

Development of decision-making skills

Reinforcement of self-direction

Ongoing evaluation of advising services

Page last modified September 12, 2022