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All of our teaching programs are advised primarily out of the CLAS Advising Center up until apprenticeship (at which point students will work with the Office of Certification and Accreditation).  Our staff is here to help with any questions you have!!  We encourage you keep in contact with us to help ensure you're taking courses in the right order, understand the program, get any support you need, etc.  We are here to help!!!



Student Information for Teacher Certification

Instructions for Declaring Teaching Majors and Minors, along with program requirements, can be found on our Curriculum Guides Website. Click on your intended major, find the curriculum guide that corresponds to the year you started at GVSU, and then scroll to the second page for instructions.

**remember that all teaching majors are advised out of CLAS Advising up until their apprenticeship 



Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Special Education

Graduate Teacher Certification

Adding an Endorsement

Mich. Test for Teacher Cert.

Teaching Related Frequently Asked Questions

One of your majors is the area you'll teach (ie: elementary classes (PCKET majors), Biology classes, History classes, etc.) and your other major is the pedagogy side of education and learning how to be a teacher (ie: Educational Studies, Education, Special Education, etc.)

Submit an override through banner and then watch closely for a google form asking you for more details.

EDR 320 exists in two different versions of elementary education:

  • If you are a PCKET major, you must take ENG 201 prior to taking EDR 320 and then check the "course description" for the section of EDR 320 you're trying to add.  If it says "registration permit required", it's for the non-PCKET majors and you'll need to select a different section.
  • If you are a CSAT, English, Integrated Science, Math, or Social Studies elementary major, you will not be able to add the course until you have been admitted to your apprenticeship semester

Yes!  You need EDR 320 and EDS 318  either  before EDS/EDR 323 or concurrently.  It taking EDR 320 and/or EDS 318 concurrently with EDR/EDS 323, you will need to register for EDR 320 and/or EDS 318 in banner first and then you should be able to add EDS/EDR 323.

EDT 476 must be taken during your student assisting apprenticeship.

MTH 428 must be taken during your student teaching internship semester.

While it is possible to take EDS 379 during your apprenticeship semester, it is highly encouraged to take it prior to apprenticeship, or possibly in the summer between apprenticeship and internship (if applicable).  It must be taken prior to your internship.

While our advisors can help explain what you'll need for the application, you would be best served by working with the Office of Certification and Accreditation.  Their office reviews the applications, makes placements, and has more information about the process.  Click here to see more details on the application requirements.

CLAS Advisors are not able to fill out the "CLAS Major Advisor" form--this should be done by your faculty advisor.  When in banner, go to student-student records-mypath and you'll find your CLAS faculty advisor listed first under advisors and your Education advisor is listed second.  

It depends on your specific major.  Click here and then scroll to bullet point two-Prerequisite Courses and click on your specific major to see the prerequisite courses.



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