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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences viewLinc system is designed to monitor various temperature critical storage devices and areas throughout the sciences.  If you would like access to this system please contact Aaron Perry at 13969 or for more information.


Please click the login icon for access to the inventory system.  If you are having problems or would like access, please contact Aaron Perry 13969 or email

Notice :If you are using CSIMS from a computer off campus, you are required to login into the VPN network first. Please see directions here

Planned Maintenance or Shutdown

Power Outage

For Allendale - Please contact Ashley Reynolds, Zach Hancock, or Aaron Perry

For CHS - Please contact Dell Paielli, or  Aaron Perry

and provide the following information.
1. Building and Room:
2. The label on the Unit:
3. How long will the unit be off:

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