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The college has created the following portal to increase the transparency of department facilities requests.  This portal will allow departments to create and submit requests and track requests within the system.

Notice If you are using CSIMS from a computer off campus, you are required to login into the VPN network first. Please see directions here

Category Descriptions

Category Number




Not Submitted

The request is still being created by the department and it has not been submitted.



The request has been submitted by the department by clicking submit in the portal


Pending Investigation by CLAS

The college takes the requests and reviews the list.  If the college has questions concerning the request the status will shift and we will be contacting the department with questions.


Pending Investigation by Facilities Planning

The college has pushed the request to faciltiies to evaluate the project for feasibility and work with contractors to generate a budget for the request


Not Possible. Not space, not ADA Complaint

After reviewing the requests the college of faculties have decided the project is not possible as described in the request.  Please see the comment section for the reasoning behind the cancelation.


Possible but needs funding

Have a plan in place for the request but funding is not currently assigned to the request.


Funded as a Classroom Upgrade

Facilities will fund the project from a predescribed fund for university classroom upgrades.


Pending CMF Approval

The project is large enough that facilities will submit the project to the annual matenance funding which will need to be approved by the university.


Funded by annual CMF

The projects was approved by the university and will be completed by facilities planning


Requires Registrar or Provost Approval

If your requests requires a change in room configuration which will reduce the capacity of the space or will change the designation of the room from let's say a lecture room to a lab room.  The Registrar and the Provost office will need to approve.


Maintenance Item - Faculty to submit work order

Designates this request should be submitted as a work order for our maintenance team to complete.


IT Item

For this request a work order needs to be submitted to IT.



Exactly what is says your request has been successfully sheparded to completion.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

Page last modified February 2, 2024