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Important Resources: Document outlines the criteria the research space committee will use to evaluate research space needs.


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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences oversees 245 research areas providing 36,000 square feet of space for faculty to deliver high-impact scientific research activities for undergraduate and graduate students.

To provide this oversight, CLAS administrates the Research Facilities Resource Review.  This process allows faculty to apply for research space for many different purposes.  The information provided to Digital Measures is preloaded into the Research Facilities Review System.  All submissions are peer-reviewed by the Research Facilities Review Committee, and its recommendations are submitted to the Dean.  Assigned renewals for research space depend on need and can range from several weeks to a maximum of five years.

If you have a new or expanding research project and do not have the space you need, you may always contact Aaron Perry for assistance.  The college might be able to provide a temporary assignment or additional resources.

If you have additional questions concerning acquiring new or additional space, please contact Aaron Perry at the link provided [email protected].

Notice If you are using CSIMS from a computer off campus, you are required to login into the VPN network first. Please see directions here

Research Renewal Criteria

CLAS uses the following guidelines assign all research spaces.

1. Through the end of your probationary period, you are granted access to research space while working on your tenure process.

2. If you are awarded an external grant requiring your current space, your use period is automatically modified to match the end of the grant.

If your research group does not fall into the top two, the college has a Research Facility Review process.

  1. The college downloads information from Digital Measures into our review process.
  2. You can review the download from DM, and if something seems wrong, you can make the changes in DM and then contact Aaron Perry to modify the review information. Scoring is calculated and sent to the review committee for peer review.
  3. Once the review is complete, and the committee makes their recommendations, the are sent to the Dean's Office, and extensions are assigned.  


Research Renewal Criteria

Please see the attached research criteria.

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