CLAS Computer Server Room

High Performance Computing

The College and the Provost's High-Performance Computing initiative supports a computer server room in Kindschi Hall of Science.  


High Performance Computing at GVSU

If you need access to high-performance computing here at GVSU, please click the image above.  There are many resources available to faculty for classroom and research needs.



Current Temperature Conditions

Please click here for current data center temperature information. 

Your device must be connected to the GVSU network either by being on campus or remoting into it by VPN.


Server Temperature Procedure

Monitoring Level

Temperature Range

Action Level

Normal Operating Temperature

65F - 70F

No Action Required

Alert Level

70F - 75F

Laboratory Operations Staff alerted to possible problems with climate control in the server room.

Warning Level

75F - 85F

Phone calls made to PI's, warning there are climate control issues within the room.  Facilities Services called for diagnosis and repair of climate control system.

Critical Shutdown Level


Emergency System shutdown procedures for computer systems is initiated.

Page last modified August 24, 2022