Outdoor Classroom Experiences

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction"

(E.O. Wilson) 

outdoor classroom

Grand Valley State university's campus is the Children's Enrichment Center's outdoor classroom. The campus provides many opportunities for the children to explore and observe nature in some of the different areas located on campus. Some of the areas that they are able to go and explore and observe are at:

  • The arboretum
    • Nature trails
    • Trees
    • Flowers
    • Pond with fish, frogs and lily pads
  • Laker Village Nature trails
    • Ponds
    • Bird watching
    • Flowers
  • Campus Pond next to Zumberg
  • Nature trail by Zumberg
  • Fruit trees by Mary Idema Pew Library
  • Fruit trees behind the center
  • South Ravine nature trails
    • river and streams next to Grand River
    • Trees
    • Trails



nature walk

Exploring the creek by the Grand River on campus


Collecting pears from pear trees on campus 

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