Q: How old are the children enrolled at the CEC?

A: The CEC will enroll children that are at least 2.5yrs, per  Mich. State License.

Q.  What are the current tuition rates?

A: Students = $148 per week    Fac/Staff/Alum/Community =$183 per week 

Daily rate for each group is $50 per day

Q: How many classrooms are there at the center?

A: The CEC has three classrooms that are based on development and age. Two of the three rooms serve as GSRP classrooms, which is a state funded preschool program.

Q: What is the teacher to student ratio?

A: NAEYC recommends that we provide a ratio of 1:6 for our youngest students and a 1:9 for our older children. However GSRP classrooms must operate with a 1:8 ratio.

Q: What are the qualifications of the staff?

A:  Lead teachers are encouraged to have a Bachelors degree in Child Development or Early Childhood  or related degrees with substantial classroom experience.  Most all of the assistant teachers are undergraduate students pursuing degrees in education or in majors that are education/child related.

Q: What will my child eat?

A: We offer breakfast, AM/PM snack and lunch.  We strive to serve a variety of fresh food that meets the daily nutrition requirements for MI Food Program. For more information see the "Food Program" in the menu bar for more information.

 Q: Does my child have to be toilet trained?

A: NO.  We do not toilet train but will be supportive of toilet training.

Q: What kind of discipline techniques do you use?

A: 1,2,3 Magic and Love & Logic and Redirection are some of the techniques used.

Q: Can my child bring sack lunch?

A: Yes they may bring a lunch, but are welcome to eat what is served as well.

Q: What if my child has a individual medical concern?

A:  All concerns and preferences are discussed at the time of enrollment and during the family orientation.  The CEC will do its best to accommodate concerns and preferences.  

Q: What if my child has to take medication?

A: Families will be asked to fill out a medication permission slip.  All medications need to be brought in the original container with the child's name.  Medications must be given to a teacher to lock up.

Q: Is there a set time that my child has to be at the center?

A: The CEC is open from 7am to 6pm.  We understand that student families need care based on their class schedules.  We do ask families to fill out an Enrollment Agreement that states days/times that care is needed.  If you wish to have your child take part in our preschool program you should arrive no later than 8:30am and pick up after 12:30.

Q: Is there a discounted rate for students?

A: Yes- GVSU students are given a discount.

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: Yes- we not only welcome the campus community but clients from various parts of west Michigan as well.

Page last modified July 28, 2015